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In business since 1997, The Maine Cut Inc. is a full-service landscaping (all 4 seasons), exterior construction, hardscaping, and handyman services company. The Maine Cut Inc. has helped many Residential and Commercial clients in the Greater Bangor, Maine area achieve their home or office’s exterior goals.

What landscapers do depends a great deal on the season in which they find themselves. Many landscaping artists live in the Northeast. Being familiar with the seasons, the plants that thrive, and the particular challenges in keeping up with a property.

Maine is a great place to have a well-manicured lawn. Gardens are full of history and charm. The winter is definitely a slow period for but there is plowing and shoveling to be done. My landscaping friends in California may have more to do year round. For all of us, though, the year begins with a busy spring.

Taking Stock of a Property

Many people think of landscapers in Bangor, Maine as the guys who keep up the property: raking, mulching, trimming and pruning what we plant in the spring. It’s true, we do the necessary maintenance. But these are surface activities designed to maintain the property. Our real work goes a lot deeper.

When I first get hired, I take stock of what is already in place. Are there heirloom perennials? Old peony stands might need to be divided. I’ll work around established lilacs. I might contain a forsythia hedge that’s overgrown.

What is the soil condition? Where are the sunny spots and shade areas? How does the soil drain? All these qualities and many more come into play in landscaping in the Bangor, Maine area.

Planning the Project

Then there’s the desires of the client. One owner may want a colorful, informal garden that attracts butterflies and is easy to maintain. Another will request a well-manicured series of hedges that are always in perfect shape. A third may not know exactly what should be done, only that it should improve the property.

A plan develops between what the client’s intentions and what I see is possible with the property. Big changes are possible. We might decide to terrace a slope, install a water garden over a drainage field, and remake a hill that was sculpted out of landfill. It all starts with what’s there.

A plan is a four-season project. One drawing will not illustrate what the property looks like over time. Landscapes in Bangor, Maine change with the seasons. A landscaper in Bangor, Maine has to select everything he plants so it blooms at the right time, reaches the right height, spreads the right amount and responds to sunshine and shade.

Plants need different kinds of soil and drainage. Some complement each other. Others have to be kept apart. A well-landscaped garden in Bangor, Maine will always have something blooming. Nothing tall will ever overshadow nearby shorter plants.

Maintaining the Property

A plan develops over time. The rest is maintenance. I have a team of workers I know I can depend on. The most important quality in someone who works for a landscaper in the Bangor, Maine area as showing up on time, all the time.

Landscaping in the Bangor, Maine area starts with preparing the soil, purchasing the plants, and installing them. Maintenance of a property includes:

  • mowing lawns
  • maintaining pools and ponds
  • tree planting, pruning and vine trimming; tree removal
  • fertilizing, weeding and mulching gardens
  • clipping and cutting back hedges
  • reseeding, fertilizing and irrigating lawns
  • snow plowing

Landscaping in the Bangor, Maine area is hard work. You have to love being outdoors in all weather. I do. The reward is seeing a garden come into bloom, an ornamental tree take root and thrive, a house nicely framed in winter by evergreen trees and hedges. The beauty makes the job worthwhile.

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