Outdoor Living


  • Lets turn that small BBQ to an outdoor party. Today’s professional pavers have a lifetime warranty.
  • We can build a firepit right on that patio for smores with the kids.
  • Portable radiant heaters can be placed on patios for those cool evenings.
  • Complete outdoor kitchen can be installed on your custom patio if you enjoy cooking. Even an outdoor wood fired pizza oven.
  • Metal roof on your house worried about the deck collapsing when the snow load comes off the house install a paver patio on a solid foundation and have no worries.
  • Water issues around the house- install a patio to divert the water away from the foundation
  • Increase your outdoor living square footage and also increase your property values with the best outdoor room with a pergola over your patio to shade you from the sun.


  • From simple gravel path leading to the water to granite steps and paver stones leading to the formal entry. Walkways can really improve your curb appeal.
  • From mulched paths leading to the garden to smooth paver that are easy to shovel and can even be heated so No Shoveling Ever Again!
  • From Ramps that are handycap assesible to rough granite blocks we have your walkways and steps
  • Slip resistant materials for when the surfaces are wet or icy.
  • From gravel and slate to the fun colors of rubberized mulch.

Retaining Walls

  • Do you live on a hill? Retaining walls can add visual depth to any yard on a hill.
  • Now you can mow that flat lawn instead of sliding down the hill with the mower.
  • Want to get the most out of that vegetable garden. Add raised bed and different heights and get more plants per square foot
  • Take care of that erosion problem on the back hill
  • Extend the usable space in the back yard

Water Features

  • Nothing is more relaxing than hearing water trickle of a water fall.
  • Add water plants for that depth color and natural buaety and clarifying the water.
  • Water containers with a small fountain on any deck or patio makes your outdoor living space feel like a upscale spa.
  • Pondless water feature s have all the aspects of a water garden without the ponds or pools. Great for when small kids are around. Add underwater lighting for a spectacular summer evening Indoor ponds are popular for raising koi and fancy goldfish. Great learning experience for young ones to learn how a mini ecosytem works. Birds and frogs and wildlife love the additional water source to bath and play.

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