Spring/Fall Clean-Up

  • Remove all leaves, pine needles and debris from flowerbeds, yard, deck and patio surfaces to give a clean neat yard. Helps prevent leaves and debris from staining surfaces, helps prevent debris from clogging drainage and helps new vegetation thrive.
  • Repair all the damage from the snow plow. Reseed lawn areas that were plowed off and have winter burn, clean off gravel that may have been pushed onto the lawn areas. We have the proper tools to do so quickly and efficiently.
  • Remove sand debris from driveways and walkways for a more appealing entry way and to help keep the dirt and debris from tracking into the buildings entry way. Sand is very harsh on most flooring surfaces.
  • Remove sand from the perimeter of driveways and roads off the lawn areas so the grass can thrive this summer. Weeds grow in sand but grass burn out very quickly in sandy soils.
  • Pick up all the down branches and trim damaged shrubs and decorative trees to help them survive and thrive after a harsh winter that snow loads may have damaged.
  • Repair driveway potholes and any other winter damage to the property.
  • Replace and dead vegetation and add annuals for summer pop.
  • The most popular spring task is to add a nice neat edge to all mulched areas and resurface with new mulch.

Mulch, Gravel, and Loam Installation

  • Adding a fresh thin layer of mulch is the quickest and most economical way to add curb appeal to any front yard with flower beds.
  • Mulch is not only cosmetically appealing but has many benefits for yours plants and shrubs. With a properly edged flowerbed grass and weeds will have a hard time migrating into the mulched areas.
  • With the proper mulch and proper depth weeds will have a harder time popping up.
  • Mulch holds the moisture in the soil where the plant roots need it.
  • Mulch helps maintain soil temperatures so the plants will thrive
  • Mulch can be in many forms from the most popular colors of bark and tree mulch, decorative gravels, straw hay and even pine needles and sand.
  • If any of the mulches used a proper edging or nature edge is essential to keeping a neat and clean garden setting.
  • Edging can be as simple as a natural edge or hand dug miny trough to wood edging metal edging and even granite cobble stone. All depending on the use and taste the property owner is going for.


  • Nothing will help make your entry way look more inviting than to have flowering plants and shrubs warm your entrance.
  • Have something in bloom all year
  • Have different color vegetation with different textures and sizes to add a natural feel.
  • Limit it to three or four varities planted in symmetry for a formal presentation.
  • Plant flowering shrubs to attract wildlife like birds and butterflies.
  • Plant aromatic shrubs near windows to bring the outdoors senses indoors.
  • Plant annuals to add some pop to the yard.
  • Add a vegetable garden so you will have chemical free produce all summer long.
  • Place some planters on the deck and patio with some herbs to make your summer bbq spectacular. I the same planters place some decorative hebs that will also help keep the insects at bay.

Monthly Installment Plans

You get the same bill for the entire summer and all your yard maintenance is taken care of. mowing weeding pruning is all complete.

Full Building & Property Maintenance Plans (Worry Free Program)

This is a building maintenance program. All the necessary maintenance is taken care of for you. From scheduling the furnace to be cleaned to changing the smoke alarm batteries. This worry free program includes a spring and fall complete building and property inspection. This will minimize those surprise bills. With 25 years of building and property maintenance experience we know were to look for potential problems. We like to point them out before they become a major issue. Most issues are water related. A small expense now may prevent a huge expense later on!

Handy Man Services

  • Elliminate that honey do list so you can enjoy your property and free time.
  • From hanging those family pictures to hanging new shelves in the offce.
  • We offer a full home and property monthly preventative maintenance plan so no task if forgotten. From changing the smoke alarm batteries to the water filter on the refrigerator.
  • Mailbox installation, siding repair and putting boxed furniture together are very popular tasks we do too
  • Storage solutions in the garage or basement
  • We will even go a pick up that large item at the store that you have no time for
  • Haul debris to the dump or clean out the garage of all that cluctter and take it to good will.
  • Playset installation and build
  • Tighten up that loose hand rail to annual attic inspection. With over 20 years of construction and maintenance we will help prevent those large tcket repairs with proper preventative maintenance and inspections.
  • We will take care of all those small odd home repairs to finding the right contractor for those large projects.
  • From AC removal and installation to moving the lawn furniture in for the season
  • No job is to small. Spend a little now and save big later.

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