Should I Build a Deck Or A Patio Around My House In Maine.

Should I build a deck or a patio around my house in maine.

  • A deck or patio may be the largest outdoor investment you make on your property.There are many things you want to look at before you make a decision wether to build a deck or patio.
  • Water issues need to be taken care of first off. This Includes snow loads. If your outdoor living space is on the side of a building where the snow drifts high on your metal roof and the snow comes off all at once a patio is recommended. Snow crashing down even from eight feet can take out even a properly built deck if the snow has a high moisture weight content. Properly built patio will have a solid foundation to withstand these forces and todays composite and vinyl deck boards become brittle in the cold temperatures.
  • If water pools in the area where you want to install the deck or patio you need to install drainage along the foundation when building a deck or pitch the patio away from the house the help with run off
  • Do you have a lot of mature trees in the area you would like to build your outdoor living space. A deck may be easier to build around the root systems of the trees because less excavation is required.
  • Do you plan on installing a firepit or pizza oven on the proposed area then a patio is most likely a better choice. If the entry level to the outdoor space is on the second story the deck is a much more reasonable choice.
  • If there are underground utilities or hazards that may need access a deck will be a better choice.
  • Accessability for heavy equipment is also a question you need to ask yourself. If you can not get equipment in to dig out for the base of a patio you will have to do it by hand or build a deck.
  • If you plan on putting an elaborate kitchen with heavy ovens ( some pizza oven can weight 10000 lbs a patio may be applicable. You can frame a deck properly to hold small and medium hot tubs but once tou get to the very large ones a patio may be a better choice.

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